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Posted in Daily life, Poetry on March 31, 2006 by Pedro

Passing the hours away. Nothing else to do, nohow to passaway hours. No will to do anything. Better fix it. Only indifference between death and life brings true freedom. Better to die of vodka than of boredom – Maiakovsky. Everything might for a moment seem impossible. Even the simplest action shudders when it is confronted with the enormity of time through which it will not resist. Resisting is impossible. Time will swallow what I was, what I did, where I lived. Time will swallow everything, thus everything is without meaning. God is either curel or incompetent. Or simply he never existed, or should've never existed. What are the roots that clutch you, Son of Man? Everything tastes sour, allthings seem ugly, everywhere hopeless. Time clutches and drags and weighs down, every fiber fights, but death must eventually approach and deliver. Deliver from pain to endless bliss of nothingness. Why must we strugle against the inevitable? We can only live by. For though everything is rendered meaningless by time, so does time make every small deed a necessity. We must spend our time somehow, only without purpose. No purpose necessary, no objective. Just fill time is all we can ever do. If possible.

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P. Glass I

Posted in Comments, On Movies on March 26, 2006 by Pedro

Repetitive, boring to many. Understable. Listening to same melodic pattern repeated for minutes at a time (i.e.:Einstein on the Beach's Dances) can bore the audience. To the death some claim. But this is a shallow look at his music. Better, it's a western look. I don't believe in this exact division between western and eastern, specially since the 70s and globalization. But, I have to say, such an approach would be meaningless to someone used to Hindu music. Or to a Zen disciple (even boredom would be meaningless in Zen budhism). Common in our music are melody and harmony, along with a narrative time, horizontal. Hindu music (i.e.: ragas) is centered on isorythimic overlaping (different rythims played at once) and cyclic time, vertical. Time, in Hinduism, isn't an arrow. There is no Alpha and Omega. No Genesis and Apocalypse. Time is centered on million years cycle, and our life is based around the karmic cycle. As such, music, closely tied to religion and myth, tries to anihilate the feeling of time. Time as we understand it only exists along with the end. Death. After all, time became a problem after we were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

[Listening to: Raga Ahir Bhairav : Alap And J – Hariprasad Chaurasia & Zakir H – (21:33)]

Not all posts will be bi-lingual form now on.

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From Hell – Do Inferno

Posted in Comments, On Movies on March 26, 2006 by Pedro

Earlier I quoted the Ripper. An apparently lost quote, no relationship with other quotes. Maybe. It has do with some works I was developing at the end of 2005. Violence is an interesting theme. Not ‘social violence’ such as in ‘City of God’ [the movie]. More like ‘A History of Violence’. Something I see in all of Cronemberg’s movies (at least in The Fly and Spider). Maybe the link Sex-Violence, which is most certainly present in the Ripper myth (the union of actual facts and popular facts surrounding the Whitechapel murders).


Citei o Estripador. Aparentemente sem nenhuma razão, sem coesão com as outras citações. Ou não. A citação vem de uns trabalhos que fiz no fim de 2005. A violência é interessante. Não a violência social, de Cidade de Deus. Algo como ‘Marcas da Violência’, um certo quê presente (na minha opinião…) nos filmes de Cronemberg. Talvez sexo-violência, algo muito presente em MdV e no mito do Estripador (mito- conjunção dos fatos e crenças populares centradas nos assassinatos de Whitechapel).

Recomeço – ‘Rebeginning’

Posted in Comments, On Poetry on March 26, 2006 by Pedro

Peeeee. Tump. Peeeee. Tump. Pe Pe Pe Pe. Noigandre – a flor que alivia o tédio. A pergunta de Pound e a resposta de Campos.

Peeeee. Tump. Peeeee. Tump. Pe Pe Pe Pe. Noigandre – the boredom relieving flower. Pound’s question, Campos’ answer.