Damn them all!

Following a strand of musical topics, I pop another one-in-all problem: finding contemporary music. I rarely find anything on Cd's, except for my college's library, and even there I must restrict myself to very few composers. I.e.: La Monte Young. I heard his 'Drift Study' in college, and since then haven't found another piece. I was very interested by the study so I looked for more. I haven't found anything else. Be it on the net or stores (many stores). How to keep in touch with new developments? Sure you can find Philip Glass, Stockhausen and Ligeti, but what about Tom Johnson and John Godfrey? Radios (BBC on the net, Cultura on FM) have contemporary music shows, but I am yet restricted by others choices.

Sleep, where in the waste is the wisdom?‘ (FW, 114.13-20)

Enough on that. Now for some good memories: Ligeti's Requiem. I am drowsy with sleep, tommorrow I travel back home, three-daysout already homesick. Death to those bastards. Damn them all.

P.S.: More on the bastards to come

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