History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake. – Ulysses, James Joyce


History as a determined course of events, objective in space-time, cannot exist. We might think of it as a series of probable facts. Memories and evidence. We all have to accept the probability of being wrong. At all times. No subjective world, no, not what I mean. Just no objective world possible. Better: no possible objective perception of the world. The past is not a physical entity, hence history only exists as seen by man, as renembered by man. Cannot be right or wrong. When all memory of this planet is erased along with our race, will our past have existed? No. Past=function of memory. No memory – no past. Again as a physical reality the past does not exist. Only probable pasts. Nightmare – History's judgment. Positivistic. Morals do not make sense. Positivistic laws do not make sense. How to interpret the course of humanity without pastcertainty? Death of memory will erase all. Not only the present and future possibilities. No Laplace's Demon. Only probable events in a probable timeline. Patterns repeating themselves through human experience over and over and over and over. Cicles? Fluxus.


pastcertainty will haunt history and dedalus

how to think of cause and effect?




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