Liberty disorder. LO. Some laughs over this, but a great blog on the net: Anarchia. Our modern democracies appear to be doomed: the existentialist vaccum of the middle-class will eventually open it's doors to totalitarism. The forceful orientation of the masses through ideology, the melting of individualities into a great collective, oriented toward one goal, be it the evolution of mankind or history. The World as Will and Representation. Through FEAR (War on Terror and terrorism itself [both the jihad and the crusade]) and IDEOLOGY (populism, nationalism, radical Zionism) we are being led to new totalitarian nations, commanding vast ammounts of directed populi-power (totalitarism seems to quite effective at this). I don't know. I prefer not to talk of the subject as I tend to leave analysys and become prophetical. I only ask of people to accept the possibility of failure. Whenever anything is stated it can be wrong. Logic might be flawed. Practical example: 'it's common sense'.

Common sense is bullshit.

It's an axiom, a revealed truth. It denotes a set of values which can never be true for all people affected by it. Yet daily one uses it to justify himself. All that exists is the clash of desires over common existence. Common sense cannot be the judge of this. Common sense cannot accept the possibility of both parties being right over the same matter, neither can logic.

I should stop here.

I am a Doctor not an activist Jim!

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