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A Day in the Life

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Pan Panpan Pan pan

I heard the news today ohh boy

They were sad, but I had to laugh! 

Just moving, sorry for not writing for this long. Unfortunate but necessary. Moving always brings new perspectives into our life . Woke up, dragged a comb across my hair… Feeling kinda quirky and happy, a result of having moved across town to a better apartment, having space to breath, I feel free, be it from psychological oppression be it physical enjailment. Today we moved things around and finally found a final configuration for our living room. Good winds to all!


Der Prozeß – K.?

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Orson Welles, the scene where K. runs from the Judiciary department, light shining through the fence and laughing children onto his desperate running face. Remarkable things about both K. and Welles. I renember sitting at the cinema while a class from the nearby law school (have in mind, one of the most important in Brazil) slept or talked through the old and black'n white picture. Why? Later a friend (we had watched it together) retold the event to his International Law professor.

[Digression – a great teacher]

His reply:

"That [The Trial] is what they [law students] will become"

Amazing. The man with a simple phrase justified the whole existence of the movie. Not that it needs to be justified. It is a great movie anyway. Renembering made me want to write about Kafka. So I do.

[Digression – then I reminded myself of an most important fact: I can't write! Well I can, but I would commit an indecency by writing something on Kafka. Or any other writer]

Totalitarian logic and bureaucracy. Man's refusal to accept his own lawless humanity. I read this somewhere. I don't know if I agree. Not yet. But it seems possible. I recommend. Both movie and book.


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Back On!

Posted in Comments, On Movies, Web-stuff on May 7, 2006 by Pedro

Good news on the way: the Minimalist Radio is back on with a new playlist. From what I've seen it came with a greater range of composers. The long down-time made me wonder through the net craving for new songs. I found many things along the way, some good, some bad. But nothing replaces this one of a kind net-radio. It's amazing. I want to congratulate and thank Richard Ellwood for this wonderful experience. To all my readers (if I still [if I ever had] have any): tune in. Join the chorus of listeners and discuss this radio through the new website.

Thank you Richard Ellwood.

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P. Glass I

Posted in Comments, On Movies on March 26, 2006 by Pedro

Repetitive, boring to many. Understable. Listening to same melodic pattern repeated for minutes at a time (i.e.:Einstein on the Beach's Dances) can bore the audience. To the death some claim. But this is a shallow look at his music. Better, it's a western look. I don't believe in this exact division between western and eastern, specially since the 70s and globalization. But, I have to say, such an approach would be meaningless to someone used to Hindu music. Or to a Zen disciple (even boredom would be meaningless in Zen budhism). Common in our music are melody and harmony, along with a narrative time, horizontal. Hindu music (i.e.: ragas) is centered on isorythimic overlaping (different rythims played at once) and cyclic time, vertical. Time, in Hinduism, isn't an arrow. There is no Alpha and Omega. No Genesis and Apocalypse. Time is centered on million years cycle, and our life is based around the karmic cycle. As such, music, closely tied to religion and myth, tries to anihilate the feeling of time. Time as we understand it only exists along with the end. Death. After all, time became a problem after we were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

[Listening to: Raga Ahir Bhairav : Alap And J – Hariprasad Chaurasia & Zakir H – (21:33)]

Not all posts will be bi-lingual form now on.

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From Hell – Do Inferno

Posted in Comments, On Movies on March 26, 2006 by Pedro

Earlier I quoted the Ripper. An apparently lost quote, no relationship with other quotes. Maybe. It has do with some works I was developing at the end of 2005. Violence is an interesting theme. Not ‘social violence’ such as in ‘City of God’ [the movie]. More like ‘A History of Violence’. Something I see in all of Cronemberg’s movies (at least in The Fly and Spider). Maybe the link Sex-Violence, which is most certainly present in the Ripper myth (the union of actual facts and popular facts surrounding the Whitechapel murders).


Citei o Estripador. Aparentemente sem nenhuma razão, sem coesão com as outras citações. Ou não. A citação vem de uns trabalhos que fiz no fim de 2005. A violência é interessante. Não a violência social, de Cidade de Deus. Algo como ‘Marcas da Violência’, um certo quê presente (na minha opinião…) nos filmes de Cronemberg. Talvez sexo-violência, algo muito presente em MdV e no mito do Estripador (mito- conjunção dos fatos e crenças populares centradas nos assassinatos de Whitechapel).