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Posted in Comments, On Music with tags on August 20, 2008 by Pedro

I miss radio. And radio culture.

Tune in at least once a day to your favorite station and forget about your own collection.


Damn them all!

Posted in Comments, Daily life, On Music on April 17, 2006 by Pedro

Following a strand of musical topics, I pop another one-in-all problem: finding contemporary music. I rarely find anything on Cd's, except for my college's library, and even there I must restrict myself to very few composers. I.e.: La Monte Young. I heard his 'Drift Study' in college, and since then haven't found another piece. I was very interested by the study so I looked for more. I haven't found anything else. Be it on the net or stores (many stores). How to keep in touch with new developments? Sure you can find Philip Glass, Stockhausen and Ligeti, but what about Tom Johnson and John Godfrey? Radios (BBC on the net, Cultura on FM) have contemporary music shows, but I am yet restricted by others choices.

Sleep, where in the waste is the wisdom?‘ (FW, 114.13-20)

Enough on that. Now for some good memories: Ligeti's Requiem. I am drowsy with sleep, tommorrow I travel back home, three-daysout already homesick. Death to those bastards. Damn them all.

P.S.: More on the bastards to come

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Naryana’s Cows

Posted in Books, Daily life, On Music on April 16, 2006 by Pedro

While I looked for some good internet radio, across came BBC's Radio. Amazing website. Radio programs ranging from sports and news to contemporary classical music and Beckett plays. While you, mon hypocrite lecteur, stare at your screen the name of this topic may seem a bit off radio…. Naryana's cows is a problem involving cows and calves. But cows are not the point tonight! It is also the title of a piece by Tom Johnson inspired by the cow problem. Again amazing. All this in one program, Hear and Now, at BBC's Radio 3. If you enjoy cows, math and music do take a look. I've started posting some photographs using Flickr. I have some very likable drawings up there (and to your right side on the brighty-brighty). Soon I will put some of my drawings and spoil everything.

Lately been trying to work my way through Finnegan's Wake. So many meanings, so many! In Umberto Eco's words, Joyce 'has prepared a machinery of suggestion which, like any complex machine, is capable of operating beyond the original intentions of the builder'.

Back to music by a commudius vicus of recirculation!

I'm listening to Aria 51 by John Godfrey right now. Very interesting. Dreadful pun… Of course, by the vicus, on BBC's Hear and Now! I haven't listened to it all yet, so I'll bite my tongue for a while. All these songs played by the marvellous Crash Ensemble. I can't emphasize: all readers, tune in to BBC's Radio 3! After looking around and feeling at home, look for Hear and Now. A nice way to come in contact with contemp. music. This song, so much. The use of tape repetitions and the piano, brilliant.

'Sleep, where in the waste is the wisdom?' (FW, 114.13-20)

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