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The Executioner’s Song

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Sol LeWitt, Drawing Series—Composite, Part I–IV, #1–24, A+B(detail), 1969. © Estate of Sol LeWitt/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Sol LeWitt, Drawing Series—Composite, Part I–IV, #1–24, A+B

Deep in my dungeon

I welcome you here

Deep in my dungeon

I worship your fear

Deep in my dungeon

I dwell.

I do not know

if I wish you well.”

Nothing like a good restart for somethin’ I’ve left abandoned for oh so long.

I’ll try to write daily, once again, commentin’ here & there about whatever has recently broken the tedium.


Der Prozeß – K.?

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Orson Welles, the scene where K. runs from the Judiciary department, light shining through the fence and laughing children onto his desperate running face. Remarkable things about both K. and Welles. I renember sitting at the cinema while a class from the nearby law school (have in mind, one of the most important in Brazil) slept or talked through the old and black'n white picture. Why? Later a friend (we had watched it together) retold the event to his International Law professor.

[Digression – a great teacher]

His reply:

"That [The Trial] is what they [law students] will become"

Amazing. The man with a simple phrase justified the whole existence of the movie. Not that it needs to be justified. It is a great movie anyway. Renembering made me want to write about Kafka. So I do.

[Digression – then I reminded myself of an most important fact: I can't write! Well I can, but I would commit an indecency by writing something on Kafka. Or any other writer]

Totalitarian logic and bureaucracy. Man's refusal to accept his own lawless humanity. I read this somewhere. I don't know if I agree. Not yet. But it seems possible. I recommend. Both movie and book.


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Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had
done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.

Naryana’s Cows

Posted in Books, Daily life, On Music on April 16, 2006 by Pedro

While I looked for some good internet radio, across came BBC's Radio. Amazing website. Radio programs ranging from sports and news to contemporary classical music and Beckett plays. While you, mon hypocrite lecteur, stare at your screen the name of this topic may seem a bit off radio…. Naryana's cows is a problem involving cows and calves. But cows are not the point tonight! It is also the title of a piece by Tom Johnson inspired by the cow problem. Again amazing. All this in one program, Hear and Now, at BBC's Radio 3. If you enjoy cows, math and music do take a look. I've started posting some photographs using Flickr. I have some very likable drawings up there (and to your right side on the brighty-brighty). Soon I will put some of my drawings and spoil everything.

Lately been trying to work my way through Finnegan's Wake. So many meanings, so many! In Umberto Eco's words, Joyce 'has prepared a machinery of suggestion which, like any complex machine, is capable of operating beyond the original intentions of the builder'.

Back to music by a commudius vicus of recirculation!

I'm listening to Aria 51 by John Godfrey right now. Very interesting. Dreadful pun… Of course, by the vicus, on BBC's Hear and Now! I haven't listened to it all yet, so I'll bite my tongue for a while. All these songs played by the marvellous Crash Ensemble. I can't emphasize: all readers, tune in to BBC's Radio 3! After looking around and feeling at home, look for Hear and Now. A nice way to come in contact with contemp. music. This song, so much. The use of tape repetitions and the piano, brilliant.

'Sleep, where in the waste is the wisdom?' (FW, 114.13-20)

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